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The Jungle

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The Aistear topic of Jungle/Rainforest is a firm favourite among the students, although I can’t say it’s mine – I am not a fan of spiders and invariably the students always want to learn about them the most! Luckily the topic offers up many a distraction!


Small World


Our small world is so easy to make, but sadly it also doesn’t stay looking as in the above picture for very long! It is made with rice which is dyed with a small amount of food colouring! I placed rice into a tray and added some food colouring-tinted water. I mixed the water through the rice and left to dry. I then added small world animals and some trees (made with toilet paper rolls and tissue paper) to complete the setting. The rainforest background is available as a download from Twinkl.


Roleplay Areas For The Jungle/Rainforest Theme

Below are pictures of some of the Jungles and Rainforests I have made. The children really enjoy roleplaying various animals and it really encourages them to use their new vocabulary such as camouflage and predator. I always include masks and face paint to help the children really get into character, and for those who would rather remain human, they can be jungle explorers either exploring the jungle to see what they can find or doing some scientific research in the research centre.

rty (1)
rty (3)


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