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The children in my class complete this really simple yet effective form of self-assessment for each piece of work they complete.


I have 3 pieces of coloured paper Рone red, one yellow and one green Рstuck onto a desk where the children place their finished work. You could also use boxes, trays etc. to achieve the same result.

The children place their finished work on the colour they feel best suits their work –

  • GREEN: If they had no problems completing the piece and found it easy.
  • YELLOW: If they managed to complete it but found it a little tricky and may need more practice.
  • RED: If they really struggled to complete it, didn’t understand they task and/or needed help.

It is the same idea as a traffic light assessment image on a piece of work and a smiley face self-assessment, but I have found this to work well with infants as its more visual. It’s also very easy to gauge, from a teacher’s perspective, how successfully or otherwise the particular learning objective has been met.


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