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Repeating Patterns

Posted by in Numeracy

Repeating patterns is one of my favourite topics to teach as its so easy to make it hands on, active and loads of fun!

I love to incorporate station teaching as much as possible in my room. I usually create four or five stations (depending on class size) that the children rotate through in groups. Each station will have a different activity which may or may not be linked to a theme.

Here are some very simple activities linked to repeating patterns that are suitable for this kind of station teaching. It is a great way to get the children away from workbooks/worksheets and get them active and involved in their learning.



The old reliable peg boards! Great for fine motor skills and making patterns. The children can create their own patterns or you can download some pattern cards from Twinkl.



Attribute bears are also great for putting into patterns. Just like the pegs, the children can make their own pattern or for a little more guidance, you can get pattern cards for a little more structure. You can download some pattern cards here or purchase the official cards here.



Printing repeating patterns. I made simple shapes from regular pot scrubbers which the children used as stamps. They made all sorts of patterns including various shape and colour patterns.

There are many other materials that can be used to create simple pattern activities such as links, cubes, beads and counters to name but a few. Patterns is a really easy topic to link with other topics you may be covering such as animals, food, clothes, weather, toys and many more.

If you like interactive activities for your whiteboard, then add this pattern game to your favourites!

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