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Paint Storage

Posted by in Arts, Classroom Ideas

Let’s be honest, Paint Storage can be a pain in any classroom! If you have paint stock in your classroom it can take up a lot of room, or if its a general school supply stored in an art cupboard it can be hard to access during class time – the amount of times I have forgotten paint for a lesson only to realise I can’t get access to it because there is no one to supervise my class are way too numerous to admit!

Ketchup containers (or similar vessels) are an easy solution. They are small – enough for just your class – and easy to store. They are kid-friendly; no big spills as its easy to control how much comes out, even for little hands! And best of all, they are cheap! Just save a few ketchup bottles from the rubbish/trash/garbage (it’s environmentally friendly too) and you’re sorted!

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