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Playing Shop & Money

Posted by in Numeracy

We had so much fun playing shop & dealing with money during our carpet session.


The children were in pairs and our items to ‘buy’ were just simple images on the IWB with price tags. In their talk partners, they had to decide who was the shop keeper and who was the customer for the first turn. Each pair got a little money bag with a variety of coins to purchase their items.

It was really easy to differentiate as I crawled around to each pair. I was able to encourage the more able to buy two items, meaning they had to add the prices together. The more able shop keepers were challenged by being paid in higher coins than necessary and then having to work out the change and how to make it with the coins. I made sure the less able pairs had loads of 1c coins in their wallets and it was easier for them to make their purchases without the confusion of the 2c and 5c coins.


My infants loved this activity so much that there was no time for book work, and from all the practice we had I’m sure we are ready for a more practical shop set up next time!

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