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Maths In The Outdoors

Posted by in Motor Skills, Numeracy

Here are a few examples of how to take your maths outside.

1. Number Search

Searching for numbers is so much fun. Armed with a magnifying glass in our pairs we found loads of examples of numbers in our playground. We went searching for numbers; we ordered numbers; we counted up to 10 and back to 1; and we skipped counting.



2. Hopscotch

When number searching we even mixed in a bit of counting in 2’s simply by playing the traditional playground game of hopscotch! There was also a lot of teamwork in drawing our hop-scotch and loads of gross motor skills being developed while we were playing.

Drawing hop-scotch

The setup – Drawing hopscotch.

The Fun – Playing hopscotch.

3. Bowling

We also added some maths to a simple game of bowling. If your ball stopped in the first circle you scored 1 point for your team. The second circle equals 2 points and if you were lucky enough to knock the pin, you scored a whole 5 points! We had team scorekeepers on each team and the children battled hard to try and be the team with the most points!


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