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Junk Modelling

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When I first heard of the idea of Junk Modelling I thought it was the most ridiculous idea ever! Gather up all your recycling, clean junk, random bits and bobs and stick it all together to make something. Seriously? If you are thinking the same, don’t be alarmed! It sounds bonkers but it’s so much fun!

Be prepared for a big mess, lots of fun and to let imaginations run wild!

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Get each child to bring in some ‘junk’. This can include anything you like as long as its safe and clean. Recycling bins are full of great things that can be transformed into something new and wonderful – but be careful that the children don’t bring in the whole recycling bin! All they need after this is some glue, sellotape and scissors. Watch their fine motor skills, sticking skills, problem solving skills and imagination all blossom.

Some children will love junk modelling and be really great at it with very little assistance. Others may find it useful to have a little bit of guidance from an adult, or to have a focus. When I do Junk Modelling for the first time I will often give the children a theme to give them a starting point. Rather than just bringing in any old junk, the children were asked to decide what they were going to make and then go on a junk hunt for relevant materials. In these examples we were looking at community first responders and as a result we decided to make emergency vehicles!


After completing one or two projects you will be amazed at the creativity junk modelling inspires in the children! It is also such an effective way to improve their scissor control and gluing skills! If you haven’t tried it, what are you waiting for?


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