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End Of Year Gifts For Your Class

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Whether or not to give your students a small end-of-year gift is a debate that comes up time and time again. I am not here to debate the topic, but just to give ideas to those who do like to send their class off with a little something at the end of the year.

I have found many ideas for end-of-year gifts and picked my favourite six. All of these ideas are wallet-friendly and easy to make!


1. Smartie Pants | This gift is very affordable and would cost less than €15 for a class of 30 children. Simply print out your Smartie labels and stick a packet of smarties under the text! Now that is smart! 


2. Your Cleverness | Depending on how many packets of bubbles you need to buy, this gift idea can be costly. If you keep your eyes open in pound shops, discount stores etc., you will get packets of bubbles much cheaper and may be able to create this lovely idea for less than you think – about 50 cent per child! 

ghjk (2)

3. Cool Summer/Cool Pops | All kids love cool pops and this gift idea is so easy to make, and very cost effective. You could most certainly make a bundle of 3-4 cool pops for each child in a class of 30 and spend less than €10!

ghjk (1)

4. Colourful Year | Here is another gift that requires you to be a bit thrifty with your money. Just like the bubbles, if you shop around you can make this gift for cheaper than what you think! Needless to say, for larger classes you wont be treating the students to branded crayons; you can get much cheaper options in pound shops/Discount Stores.  


5. Buckets of Fun | I absolutely love this idea, but there is no getting away from the fact that it’s the most expensive option on the list! The mini buckets are also not easy to source in shops but are readily available online if you’re organised enough to buy them in advance. Then there is the cost of filling them. They are very small and so, depending on what you put in them, it doesn’t have to cost much! I have estimated that these buckets would cost about €1.50 per child!  A slightly different, but much more cost-effective idea is to use small paper boxes which can be sourced here


6. Smart Cookies | This one is cheap, quick and easy. A few labels stuck onto a few packets of cookies and you’re done! And who doesn’t love cookies?

The Store

If you liked any of these ideas and want to make them for your class, you can download the gift tags featured in this post from our resources store here.

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