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Early Finishers

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How do you keep your early finishers busy? I keep mine entertained with lollipop sticks and here is how it works!


Each lollipop stick has an image on the end of it which corresponds to an activity or an area of the classroom. When the children finish their work they can choose a stick in order to choose an early finisher activity. Once they choose an activity they place the ‘used’ activity in a separate cup. This is to avoid overcrowding at certain activities by limiting the number of children who will be able to choose the activity.


The activities can be anything that works for your class. Some of the activities I have are:

Stations: Children go to a particular area – max 2 children 

Maths station

Writing station

Funky Fingers station

Art station



Table Top Activities: Activities that are taken to the child’s table 




Small basket of construction materials, e.g. Lego

Literacy game

Maths game

Peg boards with patterns

Writing copy

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