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Classroom Carpet Space

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While training in the UK I became accustomed to Carpet Space in my infant classroom. I knew no different. I was amazed when I came home to Ireland and realised that ‘carpet space’ wasn’t the norm in most Irish schools, or at least the ones I had experience in. Thankfully I think it is more common now to have this space in junior classes but if you don’t have one I strongly suggest you look into it!

I struggled to get comfortable teaching 5 and 6-year-old children who had to sit in their seats for far longer than I was used to. They were so far away from me, so removed. It was so unfriendly & I wasn’t comfortable with it at all. So I took myself off to my local carpet shop and I bought an offcut. It was awful to look at – it was a hideous red and frayed at the edges – but it was better than nothing. I made my carpet space and my little¬†cherubs surrounded me once again, all eager to learn and delighted with their new space, hideous as it was!

The children quickly got used to their ‘carpet spots’. It’s their domain, their space & their place to ‘sit on their bums with their legs crisscrossed’ and do their learning. After their carpet time, they move to their ‘table seats’, their activity station or whatever task they’ve been set. This process is repeated over and over throughout the day. It keeps them moving, they don’t stay in the one spot all day, they get to mix with more children and it helps to keep them focused during directed teaching, not to mention how much easier it is to teach as the children are in much closer proximity to you!

So after years of my hideous carpet, our school PTA asked teachers to draw up a wish list. I popped my dream carpet – similar to the ones I had been accustomed to in the UK, and a Fairy Godmother granted my wish.

Are they expensive? Yes, they are!

Are they worth it? Without a shadow of a doubt!


If you would like to invest in a carpet area for your infant room, Early Years Resources have a great selection and they ship to Ireland!

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