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In 2013, while on maternity leave, I found myself missing school. I missed creating activities, games and topics that I knew the children would enjoy. I wanted to still be linked, some how, to the creative side of being a teacher, a side that my brain had became so accustomed to over the years.

I set up a page on Facebook, Infant Teaching Ideas and I began to share some ideas of things I had done in my own classroom and things I had found on similar Facebook pages and before long the page had gathered a following. I have continued to post ideas I think others might benefit from and good ideas I find along the way. It became my ‘teaching diary’ – a place to immortalise my classroom!

More recently I have found myself searching through hundreds of posts and pictures to remember that ‘good idea I had one time’ and decided to take the leap to cataloguing some of my ideas on a website.

Welcome to my teaching diary, the same teaching diary that began on Facebook many years ago, but now it is slightly more organised and, I hope, helpful for others.



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